Depth of Field DOF Workflow with Several Hosts (V-Ray for Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke)

Depth of Field DOF

V-Ray and Maya use of the Depth of Field DOF or zDepth in Nuke Photoshop & After Effects

Carlos Alvarez Velazquez has such incredible energy and style with his tutorials and this tutorial is such fun! He’s teaching Depth of Field DOF with a model of the game “Guess Who?”, which I played with my daughter when she was little. He also uses these colorful light trees to demonstrate Depth of Field. This tutorial is in Spanish but the subtitles are in English. I’ve been trying to bone up on my Spanish before an upcoming trip to Spain (hopefully!) and this is actually really useful for that. It’s multitasking at it’s best… learning Spanish and Depth of Field DOF.

Here’s what’s in the tutorial

00:11 ► Introduction and explanation of the contents of the tutorial.
01:45 ► Start the 1st Block: Depth of Field DOF in V-Ray for Maya.
06:20 ► I explain 3 methods of finding the focal distance.
15:15 ► Start the 2nd Block: zDepth Render Element of V-Ray for Maya.
22:00 ► Start the 3rd Block: zDepth in Post Production Programs.
22:05 ► Z-Depth: workflow in Photoshop – Post Production.
26:45 ► Z-Depth: workflow in After Effects – Post Production.
29:10 ► Z-Depth: workflow in NUKE – Post Production.

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