Update: The Bakery Relight v2.0

The Bakery Relight

Our software has been designed from the get-go to hone the lighter's workflow. Instead of having a 3D program coupled with a separate renderer, we propose constant interactive visual feedback in the rendering engine itself. Thanks to a fully multithreaded implementation of state-of-the-art rendering algorithms, combined with a unique caching mechanism of our own recipe, lighting iterations that would take minutes or even hours with a traditional approach can be performed in seconds.

New in Version 2.0

An innovative Rendering / Relighting Application

Get full control on your Surfacing, Lighting, and Rendering in Bakery Relight 2.0. Take advantage of bakery's patented caching technology that allows you to re-render in seconds.

Render with new cutting-edge Micropolygon Raytracer

Relight's new micropolygon raytracer allows to render in full raytracing, and to visualize progressively the refresh of your rendering.

Harmless integration in your Pipe-line

Relight 2.0 now fully supports Alembic data. You can load any object from an Alembic file, generated by any 3d package.

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