Tutorial: Use Soft Body Dynamics to Spill Some Guts, Star Wars-Style

spilling guts

Remember, at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back, how Luke was freezing to death on Hoth and how Han Solo cuts open a tauntaun to save him? When he cuts open the tauntaun, his oozing hot guts fall out. Here’s a refresher.

Tutorial: Use Soft Body Dynamics to Spill Some Guts, Star Wars-Style

Okay, these guts spilling out… this is what Chris Schmidt from Greyscalegorilla is going to teach you how to make in Cinema 4D. He uses soft body spline dynamics and some morph deformers and comes together pretty quickly.

This tutorial was featured on a live ASKGSG show. Chris says that this tutorial will teach you how to:

  1. Create some tangled up splines then use dynamics to squish them together
  2. Bake the animation for fast feedback
  3. Dive deep into textures using noises, tension tags, and the layer transform to get that slimy material
  4. Light out a scene using HDRI Studio and a self-illuminated plane
  5. Find workarounds for no less than 3 bugs/limitations

Making some slimy guts in Cinema 4D

Need to make some slimy guts? Yes, it’s gross but educational!

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