Tutorial: Create Seamless Lizard Skin in Modo

Creating Seemless Lizard Skin in Modo

Posted By Tomasz Lechociński

1. Modeling the Scales in Modo & Baking them to Bitmaps.

Step 1

You’ll model the scales in Modo and bake them to create Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps.

Change your 3D view to Front

Create a new Empty Mesh item in the Item List.

Change its name to “baker“.

Run the Box tool and type the values as shown in the screen grab. Position: 0 on every axes, Size X: 5cm, Y: 5cm, Z: 0cm.

In the Vertex Maps List, create a New Map and call it “Baker“

Note: The name of the UV map for this mesh must be unique in this Modo file. This means that no other active mesh can have a UV map with the same name. Otherwise Modo will generate errors when baking.

Step 2

Building the model for the scales.

Create a new Empty Mesh item in the Item List.

Change its name to “scales 2D“.

Run the Vertex Tool and in Vertex Selection mode, add 8 points in the order shown below.

When you’re finished, press P on the keyboard to create a polygon from the drawn points.

Make sure that points 1, 3, 5 and 7 are aligned with the baker mesh below, as shown in the screen grab.

Step 3

Now we’ll add more scales.

In Polygon Selection mode, select the polygon that you created and press Control-C to copy it.

In the Tool Properties, turn On snapping (1)

Change its values to the ones shown in the screen grab.

Activate the Move Tool (W) and move the geometry to the left corner of the baker mesh. From point (2) to point (3). A Yellow dot will show up when the geometry will snap to the point on the corner of the baker mesh.

Press Control-V to paste the polygon in its original position.

Turn Off Snapping. You have to do this, otherwise you won`t be able to draw points with the Vertex Tool in the next step.

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