Tutorial: Create a Jiggly Jelly Mold in Cinema 4D

jelly mold cinema 4D

Jelly, like gelatin, not the grape or strawberry stuff you spread on your toast.  Everyone calls it by the brand name Jell-O in America, even if it’s the store brand, but I’m sure there’s a copyright issue to using the product name, so we’ll call it jelly (even though I think of Smuckers when I think of jelly!). I remember the band Green Jell-O in the ’90s had to change their name to Green Jellÿ because of copyright infringement.

In this tutorial, CG Shortcuts shows you how to create a jiggly Jelly mold. It’s a lot of fun and so bright and colorful. The tutorial is high-quality training too.

They’ve made the project files available for you so you can easily play along. You can download them here.

I took a Greyscalegorilla course on animating characters and creating a jelly type effect was one of the things we had to do. There is no shortage of wiggly jelly examples on YouTube. Get out a spoon and enjoy!

Michele Learns Cinema 4D Squash & Stretch

Here’s my example from the class. Remember, I was just learning!

Michele Learns Cinema 4D Arc

Another lesson from the Greyscalegorilla class. When I look at these old animations, I want to go in and fix everything I don’t like. It is what is is… for now!

Jello Cubes C4D r18 OctaneRender

Not finger jello but more like we had when I was a kid… created by Paul Crumrine. This is my favorite of the bunch.

Rubber/Jelly Cube

Made in Cinema 4D R12 + Mograph by millsymilsa.
Begins with slow motion, then at the end, it goes to normal speed.

Jiggling jello text animation C4D

Colorfully letters by GeeShepherd

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