Quixel Mixer 1.0 in Beta Now Available

Create photorealistic materials with powerful texture mixing and painting controls. Experience the most intuitive material authoring workflow to date. Plus, learn about NDO, DDO, and Quixel Suite, on sale now!

Here’s what’s brand new in Quixel Mixer 1.0 Beta:

  • Powerful mixing workflow
  • Multi-channel painting
  • Exporter with channel packing
  • Full Megascans integration
  • Zero learning curve, instant results


Quixel Special Offer – 40% Off – Limited Time Only

Quixel NDOQuixel NDO

NDO is the definitive normal mapping tool that turns Photoshop into a complete toolkit for surface details. Every tool in Photoshop can be utilized to sculpt normals in real time. Build non-destructive hard surface designs, extract rich normals from photographs with unrivaled definition, and instantly view every tweak in 3DO.

MSRP: $349.00   SALE: $209.40

Quixel DDOQuixel DDO

DDO is a PBR texture painting tool right inside Photoshop that enables you to create final textures extremely quickly. It really is one of the most artistic and high quality workflows out there.

MSRP: $349.00     SALE: $209.40


Quixel SuiteQuixel Suite

Create amazing textures and normals with the industry leading Quixel SUITE. Developed by top industry artists, you are guaranteed the highest quality results and the ultimate artistic experience. Includes: NDO, DDO & 3DO.

MSRP: $549.00    SALE: $329.40