Pux-3D Hard Mesh 2 Now Available at Toolfarm

pux-3d hard mesh 2

What is Hard Mesh 2?

Hard Mesh 2 is an Autodesk Maya plug-in that makes hard surface modeling easy.

Maya®’s boolean or “trim like” operations on hard surface modelling represent a significant bottleneck in the workflow of any professional modeller.

Hard Mesh solves this issue. It’s a plug-in based on the script “Hard Surface Poly Tools”. The tool simplifies complex polygonal modelling operations, thanks to an intuitive interface and nodes that make modelling more creative and interactive!

  • Create your models with new speed and creative power
  • Be free to edit your meshes cut and blending
  • Provided workflow fully integrated in Autodesk Maya

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Basic License:  MSRP: $109.00  Toolfarm Price: $103.55
Full License (includes online support): MSRP: $329.00  Toolfarm Price: $312.55