Now Available: Next Limit Realflow|Cinema 4D

Next Limit RealFlow_Cinema 4D

We’ve been waiting for RealFlow | Cinema4D for a while and it’s finally here!

Create seriously cool high-performance fluid simulations with a simpler workflow with Next Limit RealFlow | Cinema 4D. RF is fully integrated into Cinema 4D so you don’t need any other plug-ins and it’s easy and fast. Users can connect fluid particles to elements of Cinema 4D like MoGraph, and Hair, too.

Realflow | Cinema 4D Particle Object Interaction
RealFlow | Cinema 4D Particle Object Interaction

Why do you need RealFlow | Cinema 4D?

This amazing new tool was designed using RF’s Dyverso solver, giving users the absolute best in fluid simulation, with a simple workflow.

Skip the hassle of jumping back and forth between 3D platforms and forget about problems with about network dependencies, permissions, or thosIP issues.

Use native Cinema 4D modifiers and tools combined with RealFlow because the Cinema 4D and RF are fully integrated.

Create high-speed liquid simulations inside Cinema 4D with effects that are GPU accelerated, supporting CUDA and OpenCL.

Free Trial

Download a free trial of Next Limit RealFlow | Cinema 4D.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Floating/Node-locked license
  • Integrated into MAXON Cinema 4D

System Requirements

  • Maxon Cinema 4D  R15, R16 or R17 (64 bit only)
  • Windows 7 (or higher) or OS X 10.9 (or higher) operation systems
  • Intel® or comparable main processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 75 MB disk space for installation

RealFlow | Cinema 4D supports GPU-based simulations and multi-core/multiprocessor systems.

Since fluid simulations are computationally expensive and allocate large amounts of disk space we recommend Intel® i7 or Xeon systems (or comparable), 16 GB RAM (or more) and a 512 GB hard disk drive/SDD.

Download a free trial of Maxon Cinema 4D from Toolfarm if you don’t already own Cinema 4D.

Learn more and watch lots of cool videos on features or purchase RealFlow | Cinema 4D at Toolfarm.

Use RF directly with C4D MoGraph

Convert RF to thinking particles, use particle instances and tracer objects.

Particle-Object Interaction

Use RF nodes and Cinema 4D colliders together.

Super-fast meshing

Take advantage of a fast and easy-to-configure mesh engine based on the OpenVDB library.

Easily configurable RF WetMaps in C4D

A wet map is created when particles interact with an object, leaving streaks or wet marks on its surface, according to Next Limit Support.

Crown splashes on demand

Use Cinema 4D materials and textures for emitting fluid particles to make Crown splashes.

Cinema 4D: C4D materials as emission masks

C4D splines as RF particle paths

Create splines in Cinema 4D and use them as fluid paths in RF.