News: SilhouetteFX Adds Tighter Integration with NUKE Compositing Software

Los Angeles, CA  August 15, 2013 – SilhouetteFX LLC is pleased to announce tighter integration with The Foundry’s NUKE and NUKEX 3D VFX compositing software. Silhouette has always been able to export its shapes/layers to NUKE, but the missing link has been being able to bring shapes/layers from NUKE into Silhouette — until now. Using a new NUKE to Silhouette shape exporter (NUKE .fxs Exporter) – an open source python script developed at Boundary Visual Effects by Magno Borgo – shapes/layers from NUKE are converted to Silhouette shapes. Several features are supported, but we highlight “shape/layer tracking data support” as the most important for this release.

Magno Borgo of Boundary Visual Effects says: “The NUKE Exporter was created to improve the rotoscope workflow between NUKE V7 and Silhouette, and consequently any other software that can export into NUKE formats, like Imagineer’s mocha Pro™.”

Now any shape/layer created in NUKE or imported into NUKE from another product can be converted to the Silhouette shape format and imported into Silhouette.

Availability, Compatibility and Pricing

The NUKE .fxs Exporter is compatible with a minimum of Silhouette V5 and NUKE V7 and is available free of charge. It can be downloaded here.

New licenses for Silhouette V5 are $1,495 ($1,420 Toolfarm Price). Upgrades from V3/4 to V5 are $495.

About Boundary Visual Effects

Boundary Visual Effects is a boutique vfx shop that has provided compositing, paint, rotoscope, and matchmove services for clients around the world since 2009. By sharing useful tools and techniques, they hope to encourage the contributions of others to create a dynamic and vital visual effects community

About SilhouetteFX, LLC

Our understanding of visual effects allows us to design productive and highly specialized software. Our products stand up to the rigors of production and are the culmination of many years of experience. Add an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement, three Emmy Awards, and experience in creating visual effects for hundreds of feature films, commercials, and television shows and you have a combination that can't be beat.


Update: Silhouette FX v5.1.2 Available – This is a free update for existing customers. New features include an installer for Adobe Creative Cloud, a Nuke Exporter and some new Scripting options.

All Silhouette License Options – Floating Licenses and Rentals are available

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