News: NewTek LightWave 3D Shows the Latest from Siggraph 2013

An interview from the 2013 Siggraph Convention in Anaheim California with Rob Powers of Lightwave 3D Group. LightWave 3D is an end-to-end production pipeline with advanced 3D modeling, animation and rendering from the LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, Inc. In this interview Rob talks with us about NevronMotion & ChronoSculpt.


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Newtek Lightwave 3D

NewTek LightWave ChronoSculpt Pre-Release Version – ChronoSculpt is a powerful new stand-alone application that revolutionizes working with animation and dynamic simulation cache files from any application by allowing you to use sculpting and transformation tools over time. ChronoSculpt also introduces a radical new geometry engine based on our “Hydra” technology which allows the deformation and manipulation of 8 to 10 million polygon objects with ease.

NewTek Lightwave NevronMotion Pre-Release Version – NevronMotion is a motion retargeting plugin for LightWave 3D with support for the Microsoft Kinect camera. NevronMotion allows you to load common motion capture files in FBX or BVH format and easily retarget the motion onto your character directly in LightWave Layout. You can quickly adjust the any of the character rig joints in areas like the shoulders or arms to compensate for any joint placement inaccuracies and bake out your final animation directly to your character rig.