News: Maxwell Render V3!

What's Coming in Version 3?

Great speed optimizations on large scenes

Procedural textures

Subdivision surfaces

Completely new, easy-to-use materials editor

Object cloner


Special lens models including orthographic, spherical, pin hole and fisheye

Wireframe rendering

Alembic support

Deep compositing support

Light projectors

+ many more features, speed and usability improvements

Buy Now and Upgrade for Free!

All customers purchasing new standard licenses of Maxwell Render will receive an upgrade to v3 for free when it launches later this year.

Learn More | Purchase Maxwell Render v2.7 – $995.00 TF Price

What's included?

All new standard licenses of Maxwell Render purchased between now and launch date

Classroom packs of faculty licenses (10, 20 or 30 units)

What's not?

Learning Edition licenses

Upgrades from v1 to v2 – existing customers will get a special upgrade promotional price once v3 comes out!

SketchUp 2013 Compatibility!

Finally, the new SketchUp 2013 plugin for Maxwell Render has arrived! The plugin has been completely re-written so that it is 100% compatible with SketchUp 2013. This is for both Maxwell for Sketchup and Maxwell Render Suite. The release notes are as follows:

Added support for SketchUp 2013

The plugin is now distributed as an RBZ file

The plugin user interface no longer requires Silverlight

The color picker now has both RGB and HSV modes

Added support for setting per-Channel output formats