News: CoreMelt SliceX Powered by mocha for FCPX

CoreMelt SliceX Powered by mocha for FCPX

To celebrate this release the price of SliceX with Mocha has been reduced to just $99 (was $149). 

CoreMelt has also released a fresh batch of tutorials for your learning pleasure!

Learn More | Purchase SliceX powered by mocha = $99.00 TF Price


Learn how to:

combine plugins to cut holes in masks – for more advanced masking techniques.

combine slicex with other effects and plugins, you can use SliceX masks with any effects not just the ones that come with SliceX.

combine tracking and stabilization on the same clip.

combine tracking and keyframing of masks to create complex animations.

Cut holes in Masks

Use SliceX with Any Effect

Combine Tracking and Keyframing

Combine Tracking with Stabilization