New: MamoWorld CINEWARE Proxy

MamoWorld CINEWARE Proxy – Getting Started

When working with Cinema 4D and After Effects, in general you have two options:

Render files from Cinema 4D and import them into After Effects.

Use the new live 3D pipeline to render C4D projects as layers inside After Effects.

While the latter is convenient, it can get slow if you projects are complex. With CINEWARE proxy, you get the best of both worlds: Simply toggle back and forth between the live 3D pipeline and rendered proxy files. You can, for example, start working with the live pipeline and render proxy files in the background. Once the background rendering is done, you switch from the live pipeline to the rendered files and all modifications you did in the meantime are preserved.

Whenever you need to modify your Cinema 4D project, in one click you can switch back to the live pipeline or update your proxies to see the changes in After Effects.

CINEWARE proxy can also work with existing proxy files which you rendered with your method of choice. To avoid the hassle to select the file for each render pass manually, CINEWARE proxy automatically learns your file naming conventions. Just load one file and all others will be found automatically. For future projects CINEWARE proxy even remembers your habits and over time gains experience where to look for your files.



support for multi pass rendering

compatible with background rendering (BG Renderer Pro required)

preserves all modifications (effects, masks,…) when switching between live pipeline and proxy files

automatic naming of proxy files

automatic learning of your file naming conventions

CINEWARE Proxy in One Minute


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