New: eyedesyn Text Edge FX Pro

eyedesyn Text Edge FX Pro

This is a preset that creates brilliant looking text and logos super fast.  With it you can add custom outer, inner bevels, and edges to any text that goes above and beyond the stock bevel options in C4D.  The best part?  It’s non-destructive!  What does that mean?  Develop your text bevel look and you easily edit it, change the font or text just like you would with the MoText object while keeping the bevel intact making iteration a breeze!  Along with applying bevels on your type, you can also put bevels on any spline shape you bring in, whether it be a logo made in Adobe Illustrator or a spline shape made directly in Cinema 4D.

What’s new in TEFX Pro?

TEFX Pro takes your custom bevels to a whole new level.   It’s faster, includes over 10 new features, and now has Mograph and Dynamics support built in.    With it’s extremely intuitive controls, endless customizable options, and over 30 text bevel preset scene files, 15 custom inner bevels, plus the ability to make & use your own custom bevel shapes, it’s essential for anyone who needs to make amazing looking text or logos inside of Cinema 4D or Cineware.



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