New: Curious Animal Arrives at Toolfarm!

Curious Animal Super Deformer Pack – $57.00

The Super Deformer Pack consists of all products listed below. Most of which are also available for individual purchase. All products are designed to enhance your experience with Maxon Cinema 4D.

Sphere Wrap Deformer

Sphere Wrap Deformer wraps your geometry around a sphere.

Sphere Wrap uses an alternative mapping to the original 'Wrap' deformer that creates only one pinch point instead of two, creating a more pleasing deformation in many cases.

Learn More | Purchase Curious Animal Sphere Wrap Deformer – $15.90 TF Price

Scroll Roll Deformer

Scroll Roll Deformer rolls your geometry up like a paper scroll or carpet.

Scroll Roll Deformer lets you define the interior radius and sheet thickness of your roll, and both values can optionally be modified over the width of the deformer to create custom bulges.

Learn More | Purchase Curious Animal Scroll Roll Deformer – $17.81 TF Price

Impact Deformer

Impact Deformer creates ripples in your geometry based on your own custom spline shapes.

You can control many attributes of the ripples, including their amount, width, height, growth and spread. Width and height can optionally be controlled with curves to allow differences between individual ripples.

Learn More | Purchase Curious Animal Impact Deformer – $30.87 TF Price


Twirl is a bonus deformer only available to registered users of Super Deformer Pack, it bends your geometry into spirals.

All the deformers include falloff tabs to let you limit their effect, and we've included Attach Falloff to Null, a free tag plugin that lets you move the falloff independently of the Curious Animal deformers.