New 3D Software and Plug-ins, November 2016

New 3D Software, or products that have been updated during the past month, and what is coming soon and now available for pre-order.

Next Limit RealFlow 10 – Pre-Order at a Discount

It’s not out yet but it’s coming soon! Don’t miss this opportunity to Pre-Order RealFlow 10 at a discount – Shipping Soon! RealFlow is an industry-standard, out-of-the-box fluid simulation software. Fast and easy to use, it is compatible with ALL major 3D platforms. Simulate anything from a single drop of water to a massive tsunami.

Pre-Order RealFlow 10 Now and Save up to $300
RealFlow 10: 1 License 1 Node – Node Locked – Pre-Order
Reg: $1,095.00, SALE: $895.00

RealFlow 10: 1 License 1 Node – Floating – Pre-Order
Reg: $1,295.00, SALE: $1,095.00

RealFlow 10: 1 License 5 Nodes – Node Locked – Pre-Order
Reg: $1,395.00, SALE: $1,095.00

RealFlow 10: 1 License 5 Nodes – Floating – Pre-Order
Reg: $1,595.00, SALE: $1,295.00

SiNi Software Products for 3ds Max – Pre-Order, New 3D Software!

Now at Toolfarm, Pre-order these powerful new workflow plug-ins for 3ds Max focused on speed and workflow efficiency. Shipping very soon!

SiNi Software SiClone
Array multiple objects with different parameters and individual control. Offers full parametric workflow and is enabled for leading 3rd party renderers including V-Ray, Arnold, Corona and Maxwell.

Pre-Order 1 Year Subscription: $75 | Learn More

All Access (IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone Annual Subscription)
Includes all of the above – $315 Annual Subscription | Learn More

New: Chaos Group V-Ray for Revit is now available, New 3D Software!

V-Ray for Revit is here! Fast and easy high-quality professional image rendering, the perfect fit for all architects and designers.

Learn More | Purchase V-Ray for Revit
MSRP: $730.00, Toolfarm Price $693.50

New: HB ModelingBundle – 60+ Scripts for Modeling in CINEMA 4D

New at Toolfarm, this is an impressive collection of 60+ scripts to assist in all aspects of modeling in C4D, created by Technical Director and 3D Generalist Holger Biebrach.

Buy HB Modeling Bundle – Learn More Toolfarm Price: $93.10

ArtVPS Shaderlight for Sketchup 2017 (5.0) is now available

Alongside full support of Sketchup 2017, the new release of Shaderlight includes some new features and fixes to make rendering faster and simpler. Save 25% when you upgrade today!

Shaderlight is an interactive rendering software plug-in to SketchUp that lets you create high-quality images, quickly and simply. Now with even more simple to use features, Shaderlight now gives you more control over how you render your SketchUp models, with the ability to animate your SketchUp scenes and render to the cloud. Fully compatible with SketchUp 2017.

Learn more | Upgrade | Purchase Shaderlight for Sketchup 2017

e-on Software PlantFactory 2016 plus VUE Infinite and xStream 2016 are here

e-on Software has just released their newest versions of PlantFactory and VUE Infinite and xStream, all of which are packed with new features.

PlantFactory 2016 – Create, Refine, and Export high-quality animated 3D Plants

PlantFactory is an innovative 3D vegetation modeling, animation, and rendering software developed for the CG, SFX, architecture and gaming communities.

Learn More | Purchase PlantFactory 2016

VUE 2016: Create Seamlessly Integrated Natural 3D Environments

VUE 2016 is packed with new features and advancements that accelerate modeling and animation, enabling computer graphics, artists, and others to seamlessly enrich their natural environment and standout visuals for their movies, games, and architectural landscape.

Learn more | Purchase Vue 2016

Laubwerk Plants Kit 9, featuring Temperate Shrubs

This is the second collection of 10 different shrubs from Laubwerk. This kit includes Common Lilac, Purple Japanese Barberry, Witch-Hazel and more.

Plants Kit 9 is a selection of both popular and attractive temperate shrubs and bushes species planted in parks, gardens, and rural landscapes including excellent shrubs with profuse floral display in spring such as Japanese quince, bridal wreath, and common lilac, the autumn-blooming common witch-hazel and the purple Japanese barberry, which brings a strong color accent to gardens and landscapes.

10 shrubs species of Laubwerk Plants in 3 variants, 3 ages and 4 seasons each, for architects and CG artists working in 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Houdini.

Learn more | Purchase Laubwerk Plants Kit 9 -Temperate Shrubs
MSRP: $179.00, Toolfarm Price $170.05

Autodesk Products are Now Available at Toolfarm

We are proud to announce that Toolfarm now carries Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Smoke and more! We will have announcements of any new 3D software from Autodesk from now on. How exciting is that!

Learn more!