Mesh Paint Enhancement in MODO 10 Series

Modo 10 Mesh Paint Enhancement

What is MODO’s Mesh Paint Tool?

MODO’s Mesh Paint Tool is a bit of a clone tool or a copy machine.  From MODO help: “The Mesh Paint tool provides a method to directly apply one mesh layer onto the surface of another. For example, with the Mesh Paint tool, you can quickly drag a bolt along the hull of a ship or quickly brush many copies of boulders across a landscape. You can create actual geometry or mesh instances. You can accurately place a single copy or apply hundreds of copies with a single stroke.”

The Foundry’s MODO was updated to v10.1 just a couple of weeks ago. Check out the new Mesh Paint Enhancement with the Lock Mode.

They’ve also fixed some potential crash bugs and stability issues in Mesh Paint. They’ve fixed an issue where normals were sometimes flipped if the user was in Item Mode and painting geometry.

Try or Buy MODO

MODO Series 10

If you don’t already own MODO, download it and try it out! It’s available here under Standalone and it’s free to try.

Buy MODO and save 5% every day at Toolfarm. It is available as a node-lock or floating license, and there’s also an upgrade available if you have an older version. The current version is 10.1 and it has been available for about a month.

Read the press release: Update: The Foundry MODO 10.1 is now available.