A Mega Maya Post for Freebie Friday, Plus a Sale

Autodesk Maya 2014 large

It’s Friday so let’s put together a super information packed post about Free goodies for Autodesk Maya, including a free node, a script, plug-in, and a sale. Woot!

Tool Chefs Rotation Interpolator Node

The Rotation Interpolator for Maya can be downloaded from Toolchefs. Tool Chefs explain, “Our tcRotationInterpolator is a Maya node that interpolates an arbitrary number of rotations. The algorithm works in quaternion space to have better results compared to the standard euler interpolation.” Perhaps you understand what that means!

Via Lester Banks

Plot Curves Maya Script

This script allows users to create swooping curves and beautiful abstract shapes from animated elements. The script can be downloaded at CreativeCrash.com.

Here’s a video to explain a bit more about how Plot Curves work.

IShatter Maya FractureFX Plug-in

This plug-in allows users to break geometry by dragging the mouse over the object, so users don’t need to spend a lot of time adjusting settings for voronoi.

Download IShatterMayaFractureFX.rar here.

IShatter Maya FractureFX from MOAB on Vimeo.

Want more for Maya? Sales Right Now at Toolfarm!

Toolfarm sells a large number of plug-ins for Maya including products by AAA Studio Furryball, Allegorithmic Substance Designer, ButterflyNetRender, BZP Pro Smart Skinner, Chaos Group V-Ray and more. Here are some items that are on sale right now.

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Via Toolfarm

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