Greyscalegorilla Signal Updated for R20 Support

GSG signal c4d r20 compatibile

Signal + All GSG Plug-ins R20 Compatible

The release of C4D R20, with an entirely new core, broke all existing plug-ins and required GSG and other 3rd party plug-in creators to build new versions of their products.  Learn more

Signal was the last Greyscalegorilla plugin to be updated due to some existing limitations with R20. Here’s the fix from GSG:

Due to a temporary limitation in Cinema 4D R20, when a vector parameter is dragged onto Signal the SHIFT key needs to be held down. Otherwise only a single parameter will be driven, not all three.

MAXON estimates that the upcoming R20 build scheduled for early 2019 will fix this parameter issue, so until then you will need to use the SHIFT key when using vectors. We will make an announcement once the fix is applied.

The latest Signal, version 1.521, is now available in your Greyscalegorilla Account. You will also find all other R20 updates now available, including recent fixes to HDRI Link (Browser + Arnold patches) and new Light Kit Pro 3 installers.

The following Greyscalegorilla Plugins are R20 compatible with the free updated download:

If you are ready for updates, contact with your information.

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