Freebie: Cinema 4D Light Dome Update from HelloLUXX

Tim Clapham of HelloLUXX explains the updates:

The Cloner no longer uses the Target Effector, the lights are simply rotated to point to the centre of the Light Dome Sphere. Simpler solution, therefore less to calculate, although you shouldn’t notice any difference at all here.

Visible In Editor now makes the Light Dome Sphere visible too. This is handy for rotating the texture tag around so you can see how the light colour will be distributed.

You can now use images to colour your lights (preferably HDRI). Also the texture is mapped correctly depending on the image or gradient used. Previously the gradient was mapped using spherical, now it uses flat mapping and as you adjust the size of the Light Dome Radius, the texture tag co-ordinates will update. For images, spherical mapping is used.

See more at HelloLUXX

Download the light dome preset here



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