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The new release of Forest Pack 6 is simple enough for everyday use. The update also offers many new features and tools to improve the way you work.  And of course, the Forest Pack Lite version is free, even for commercial work.

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What’s new in Forest Pack 6?

For the latest Forest Pack release, we worked hard to ensure that it’s simple enough for everyday use, while adding new features to unlock unrivalled power and flexibility when it’s needed.

Several significant new tools expand and improve Forest Pack’s already easy-to-use parametric workflow.  This opens up completely new ways of working with the plugin. For everyday users, new UI customisation options allow you to adapt Forest Pack to suit the way you work.

Parametric distribution

Parametric distribution has been overhauled to make some areas of the plugin much faster and easier to edit. The new path option allows you to distribute objects interactively along a spline, and a new interactive reference mode lets you place and attach items to thousands of objects. The ability to place objects on particles opens up a whole new way of working with Forest Pack; and exposes it to a huge range of new workflows.

Update Manager

This is the first Forest Pack release to include iToosoft’s Update Manager.  The Update Manager is a simplified way to download and manage presets, libraries and effects that separates the plugin from the content. Using Update Manager you only need to download what you need. It also enables us to release new content at any time. Using the system you can download our latest libraries including a free high quality tree pack.  The tree pack features 11 species ready to drop into your renders.

Forest Effects

Decoupling the content from the core plugin also allows us to release new features at any time using Forest Effects. These are small expressions that can be used to extend the functionality of the plugin to do things that aren’t already a part of the core package. The entire effects system has been updated to introduce support for maps, curves, particle age, and speed.  Plus you have the ability to use multiple Forest Effects at one time. You can easily create your own effects and share them with colleagues or the wider community.

 Performance and Compatibility

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Forest Pack release without improvements to performance and compatibility. 3ds Max 2019 is supported on its release. Now, for the first time, both Forest Pack and RailClone are compatible with Arnold.  Scattering performance is increased up to 150% when creating large distributions. V-Ray and Corona proxies now load faster than ever, and we’ve improved stability when working with V-Ray IPR mode.

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