Download an Antique Coke Bottle Cinema 4D 3D Model, plus watch a C4D Octane Tutorial from The Pixel Lab

The Pixel Lab is giving away a really cool free model of 3 antique Coca-Cola glass bottles designs, created by Rick Ellis. It’s free for personal and/or commercial use. Plus, a Cinema 4D Octane Tutorial: Scatter Object Overview.

The model was created AJ created who used it in the Hide and Seek tutorial (second video on the link) for use with the Hide and Seek Plug-in. This model is untextured because AJ originally used a paid product for textures, so design your own cool textures!

To download the model, all you need to do is sign up for The Pixel Lab newsletter and they will send you a password. Easy peasy…. and they won’t spam you. Thanks for the cool model, Remco, and The Pixel Lab!

Download Here

Cinema 4D Octane Tutorial: Scatter Object Overview

This is a favorite C4D Octane feature of Joren from the Pixel Lab.

If you’re looking for a newer Coca-Cola bottle shape, try this:
Freebie: 3D Coke Bottle model for Cinema 4D

The Pixel Lab Hide and Seek

Hide and See

Hide and Seek is our new project management plugin for Cinema 4D! Quickly find anything in your scene, isolate pieces you’re working on or create infinite selection groups. Save a ton of time by never digging through your object manager again!

With Hide and Seek you can:

  • Quickly find anything in your scene
  • Search large groups of objects or specific items
  • Greatly speed up your workflow on any project
  • Isolate only the objects you’re working with
  • Create object selection groups to come back to at any time
  • Never dig through the object manager again!

Hide and Seek will work with Cinema 4D R16 and above and has a compact interface and a quick help doc.

The Pixel Lab Hide and Seek