CGI 3D Breakdown: Disney Summer ID Teaser by Bleed VFX

bleed vfx disney id

Bleed VFX, a visual effects studio based in Argentina, created a very cool, fluid-filled summertime ID teaser for The Disney Channel.  Watch the official teaser first. Then view a VFX breakdown of the process, from storyboarding to fluid tests to final render.

Official Teaser

VFX Breakdown

VFX breakdown found via The CGBros.  Thanks for sharing.

About Bleed VFX

Bleed VFX specializes in creating physical and dynamic simulations reaching high quality fx for films and commercials. We solve Fluids, Fire, Smoke, Explosion, Particles, Dust, Fractures, Cloth, Ropes, Soft and Rigid Bodies simulations and volumetric effects.