Update: The Pixel Lab Image2Plane v2!

The Pixel Lab Image2Plane v2

Image2Plane is a Maxon Cinema4D plugin that will save you tons of time on your projects. The plugin is simple: take hundreds of images and in one click import them, put them each on their own texture, their own plane, and re-size them instantly. One click to set up a field of hundreds of images such as country flags, field of app icons, client logos, DVD covers, album covers, magazines, books, photos, trees etc.

Image2Plane 2.0 is packed with tons of new features including:

Cleaner Layout

The ability to import a specified number of files from a folder with the option to randomize which files it grabs

Setting the dimensions of the plane the images come in on

The ability to choose a Cloner or Null as the parent

Option to import planes with no segments to speed up viewport performance

You can now save your I2P settings as defaults.

Planes and Materials will be automatically tagged in a layer so you can easily hide all the I2P materials in the material manager.

An all new custom Image2Plane Effector: This effector lines the images up next to each other inside a cloner no matter what size the image is. This can create some cool effects in combination with other effectors (see video overview on product page).

Learn More | Purchase The Pixel Lab Image2Plane v2 – $23.75 TF Price

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