Update: Maya 2018.5 is Now Available

Autodesk Maya 2018.5

This release mainly brings bug fixes to Maya 2018. This is a free update to all current subscribers to Maya and the Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection. The following information is from the Maya 2018.5 release notes from Autodesk.

Maya 2018.5

What’s Fixed

The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.


  • MAYA-95205 Missing node upstream of wire deformer causes crash in Maya 2018
  • MAYA-95146 MPxBlendShape Crash With Deferred Reference
  • MAYA-94861 Correctness : Param curve made static does not act static
  • MAYA-94750 Array attribute that has compound children connected may not update correctly
  • MAYA-94707 GPUOverride : macOS Mojave now supports implicit sync
  • MAYA-94682 Camera offset doesn’t work with Parallel Evaluation
  • MAYA-94382 Facial rig meshes don’t move or deform in EMS or EMP modes
  • MAYA-94097 Rotation with quaternion interpolation is changed after save/load scene
  • MAYA-94058 Array Attr inside a Compound is not evaluated
  • MAYA-93910 parentMatrix attribute of a custom transform node does not evaluate
  • MAYA-93681 Performance of the Camera Sequencer in Maya 2018 is much slower then previous versions
  • MAYA-93647 Trax : Shot values are set to 0 when changed from channel box
  • MAYA-93526 TimePrecision : Frame rate of movie file output by playblast is not correct with non-integer fps
  • MAYA-93513 Selecting curves from multiple layers not working in the graph editor
  • MAYA-93422 GraphEditor : MPxAnimCurveInterpolator causes crash if buffer curves are displayed
  • MAYA-93342 Invisibility evaluator doesn’t take into account switching meshes using attributes
  • MAYA-92758 The “playblast” command writes out incorrect filename when frame arg is negative
  • Foundation
  • MAYA-95530 Python deadlock with nested executeInMainThreadWithResult
  • MAYA-95311 Importing obj file with long group line crashes
  • MAYA-94895 Missing “lib” folder in macOS DevKit
  • MAYA-94581 DevKit : libicu* libs are missing in devkit on Linux
  • MAYA-93804 Shiboken bindings changes every time you generate bindings
  • MAYA-93527 icudt53.dll is missing from devkitBase\devkit\bin to compile the qtForms plugin example
  • MAYA-93332 Maya crashes when referencing files with animation layers
  • MAYA-92953 Crash due to the lag created in the Hypershade with DAG nodes in reference

Maya LT  

  • MAYA-94781 Copy & Paste not working


  • MAYA-94853 UV snapshot: new snapshot created when overwriting the existing file


  • MAYA-94126 Crash on Maya exit after setting playblast output transform in Color Management Preferences, then playblasting


  • MAYA-94449 Manipulating values in the channel box crashes Maya
  • MAYA-89982 Crash when repeatedly calling a custom tool to create a window


  • MAYA-95376 Objects with connected visibility not triggering EM graph in VP2.0
  • MAYA-94037 Crash when trying to playblast
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Limitations and notes

Unless otherwise noted in the What’s Fixed section, please be aware that this release contains the same Known Limitations described in the previous versions of Maya Release Notes.

MAYA-95067 – (Mac only) Update embedded Python from 2.7.11 to 2.7.15 (for TLS 1.2 Support)
We’ve updated the embedded version of Python on Mac to Python 2.7.15. This version of Python includes a local copy of updated OpenSSL libraries, which no longer have access to the default trusted certificates. (See https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2715/.)

The embedded Python has a set of default Root Certificates for the ssl module and uses the certificates provided by the certifi package: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/certifi.

In order to make use of these default Root Certificates, internally to Maya we set the environment variable SSL_CERT_FILE to point to the cert.pem file in the Python Framework. The user has some control over the use and setting of this environment variable. If the environment variable is already set, we will not overwrite the value. If the MAYA_DO_NOT_SET_SSL_CERT_FILE is set, we will not set the environment variable.

MAYA-92731 – Viewport 2.0 shaders using internal scene draw have garbage being drawn when FP buffer is enabled.
Workaround: Turn off FP targets.

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