Get Unreal Studio Beta extended through September 2019

Unreal Engine

Epic Games has extended the beta testing period of Unreal Studio for 10 more months, so you can get it for free through September 2019.
From Unreal Blog “Unreal Studio Beta Extended”

Developed specifically for industries like architecture, film/TV, and manufacturing, Unreal Studio is a suite of tools designed to help creatives bring 3D scenes and CAD models into Unreal Engine smoothly and efficiently. Recent research conducted by Forrester amongst 150 key global players has shown that professionals in these industries value speed and the ability to create experiences. The research also revealed that 90% of firms surveyed said that driving productivity through real-time rendering will improve their bottom line.

Since its release, over 100,000 people have registered for Unreal Studio, reaping the benefits of real-time adoption, and many have shared their Unreal Engine videos, interactive tours, and virtual reality experiences on our forums.

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