Tutorial: Video Copilot Flight School!

Andrew Kramer and Video Copilot have launched their all new Flight School which is jam packed with tutorials teaching you how to harness the power of JetStrike!

Basic Skills and Requirements:

Video Copilot Jetstrike – $118.70 TF Price

Video Copilot Element 3D – $142.45 TF Price

Red Giant Trapcode Particular – $359.10 TF Price

Adobe After Effects – $949.00 TF Price (CS6)


Missile Launch!

Fire a missile with new JetStrike pack & Particular


– Use Mesh Visibility to disconnect the missile

– Use Particular to generate smoke trails and fire

– Simulate Reactive Lighting

Click here to watch!

Jet Contrails

Create smoke trails with JetStrike & Particular


– Use Particular to create exhaust

– Linking group nulls

– Compositing touches

Click here to watch!

Flight Control

Tips for realistic flight scenes


– Composite an airliner

– Lighting tips

– Customize maps

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Decal Customization

Customize your own airline with JetStrike!


– Add custom logos and decals to maps

– Techniques can apply to burn marks and scatches as well

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Camera Tips

Create dynamic and organic camera moves


– Animate camera

– Realistic Zoom and pan

– Camera Shake

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Rendering Productivity Tips

Optimize your render for best results


– Optimizing scene for faster and cleaner renders

– Hiding unneeded mesh

– Turning up aliasing and motion blur samples

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JetStrike Product Tour

An overview of our Advanced Model Pack


– Get aquainted with the advanced features of JetStrike

– See a few different models in action

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Heat Distortion

Compare the new heat distortion plug-in with traditional methods


– Use heat distortion plug-in to add precise turbulence

– Control the direction of the heat

– Set the heat pattern and blend distortion and heat blur

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[via Toolfarm.com]