RealFlow RenderKit 2014

The RealFlow RenderKit, or just RFRK, is a set of tools to facilitate the task of rendering fluids. The RFRK’s main purpose is the creation of meshes directly at render time without exporting them to disk. Other tools help you to render particles effectively, add displacement maps to ocean surfaces, and visualize volumetric data from OpenVDB files. In contrast to the connectivity plugins, the RFRK does not support the import/export of geometry data, meshes, or cameras. Here are the main differences between the RFRK and the connectivity plugins:

Unlike RealFlow, the RFRK is not a stand-alone application. It can be seen as a couple of modules that work inside your 3D application. This tight integration is also the reason for some platform-specific differences. All the parameters and features from RealFlow’s meshing engines are also available inside the RFRK, but with one decisive difference: the RFRK does not store the meshes permanently – a mesh file only exists as long as it takes to finish the current frame. The package consists of four main components – a brief explanation can be found below. With the “Import RealFlow XML Scene” tool you can load parameters from existing RealFlow meshes.

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