The Pixel Lab Cinema 4D Building Kit is Now Available

The pixel lab cinema 4d building kit

The Pixel Lab teamed up with Rick Ellis ( who created an elegant system for creating custom building models and the result is the new Cinema 4D Building Kit.

Cinema 4D Building Kit – A New Way to Build

A Revolution in Kitbash Tech

This kit is based on a 3 step approach.

  1. Pick a preset spline shape.
  2. Pick a preset building design.
  3. Create a custom building!

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly test out different designs

With 20+ preset spline shapes, 55+ pre-made panels and the ability to use deformers or modify the original panel shape, your options are limitless.

Pre-made Assets

In a rush? There are dozens of pre-built models

Included are 14 pre-made buildings, 50 accessory models and a window mini-kit to help you add detail to your buildings!



What’s included:

  • Over 55 Pre-made Panels
  • 20+ Pre-made Spline profiles
  • 14 Pre-made Buidlings
  • 14 Rooftop Presets
  • 7 Add-on Elements
  • Windows Mini-kit
  • 5 Antennas
  • 20+ Roof Details

And right now during NAB, it’s on sale!  Get it for only $34.30!

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