Pixar OpenSubdiv 3.0 beta

“Pixar announced the availability of v3.0 beta of its set of open source libraries that implement high-performance subdivision surface evaluation on CPU and GPU architectures. This latest version brings profound changes to the core algorithms, providing among other features significant performance gains. Also of note, the developers have disclosed the roadmap for future 3.x releases.” – CGPress

Release 3.0.3 Notes

Release 3.0.3 is a minor stability release which includes important performance and bug fixes.

New Features
  • Smooth normal generation tutorial, far_tutorial_8
  • Major performance improvement in PatchTable construction
  • Improved patch approximations for non-manifold features
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed double delete in GLSL Compute controller
  • Fixed buffer layout for GLSL Compute kernel
  • Fixed GL buffer leak in Osd::GLPatchTable
  • Fixed out-of-bounds data access for TBB and OMP stencil evaluation
  • Fixed WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN typo
  • Fixed Loop-related shader issues glFVarViewer

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