NewTek Lightwave 3D Bullet Dynamics Tutorials

NewTEk Lightwave 3D Bullet Dynamics

Let’s learn about Bullet Dynamics! Bullet is the name of the dynamics engine in Lightwave. According to the Lightwave marketing material:

Bullet is a fast, production-proven, open source physics engine that is used in many high profile, effects-driven films and real-time game engines. Bullet features 3D rigid body dynamics originally created by Erwin Coumans.

LightWave 11 features the Bullet dynamics engine directly in Layout so that it can be used with the new Fracture tool in Modeler to create compelling physics-based animation. Things like collapsing buildings, explosions, and even natural placement of items in a random pattern, would otherwise be difficult to do by hand.

There are loads of tutorials on the Bullet Dynamics engine, but to get you started, I’d recommend checking out these 3 tutorials first:

  1. LightWave 11 Bullet Basics Part 1
  2. LightWave 11 Bullet Basics Part 2
  3. LightWave 11 Bullet Basics Part 3

This great imagery below is from some of the scenes included in the LightWave 2015 content pack.

LightWave 2015 Bullet Dynamics Content: Mars Explorer

How to set up a simple dynamic car in LightWave 2015 – Bullet Dynamics

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