News: Toolfarm Top 10 Plug-in Awards 2017 – Cinema 4D Results

Toolfarm Top Ten

The Overall Toolfarm Top Ten

This year we had a fantastic voter turn out in the 2017 Toolfarm Top Ten Plug-in Awards. These are the top plug-ins and products of 2017 as voted by our Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, CINEMA 4D, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, and DaVinci Resolve Users!  We had several ties this year, so we are listing the top products for each host. See all results

If you took the surveys and entered your contact info, keep an eye on your inbox as we will be contacting the winners soon! This year we had a lot of repeat winners from previous years and over multiple hosts. Congratulations to the winning plug-in companies, and to Greyscalegorilla who practically swept the Top Ten!

Top Ten Maxon Cinema 4D Plug-ins

1 Insydium X-Particles

insydium x-particles

X-Particles is a full-featured particle and VFX system for CINEMA 4D.

Using a unique system of Questions and Actions you get full control over your particle simulations without the need for Xpresso or Cinema 4D’s native particle system. Particles, fluids, and gaseous simulations all in one place.

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2 Greyscalegorilla HDRI Studio Rig

3 Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro

And rounding out the Top Ten for 2017: