Midweek Motivations: Chad Knight

Thanks to that nifty little tool called “Instagram,” I happened to stumble upon a familiar name. A former professional skateboarder by the name of Chad Knight. Yet here in 2016 it turns out that Chad has been making a name for himself in the world of 3D, mixing all his life’s passions and hobbies.

I reached out to Chad to see if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions that I thought people might like to know. Thankfully, he obliged! Check out his work as well as his insight below.

Interview: Chad Knight

Hey Chad, why don’t you give us a quick background? Former professional skateboarder, now a 3D Artist?

That is correct. While they sound incredibly disconnected, I think they both offer a creative, limitless outlet. I was attracted to and became obsessed with skateboarding because I could get lost in it for hours. Trying and failing and experimenting. Then when things all worked out, it was very rewarding. 3D is the only other thing I have found that gives me that same satisfaction.

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