MAXtoC4D – The only 3DsMax to C4D Plug-in

If you’re on a team working with both 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D, you’re workflow just got easier with this free tool. They claim it will happen in just 2 clicks! The plug-in also supports V-Ray for 3ds Max.

Download MAXtoC4D

Bullet points from the site:

  • Open models made for 3DsMax and send them to C4D
  • Use the powerfull 3DsMax modeling tools and instant transfer the scene to C4D with 2 clicks
  • Send scene from 3DsMax to C4D and from there its easier to integrate to After Effects CC – Live Integration!

MAXtoC4D Feature Video

Another product you may be interested in is Boomer Labs MAX2AE, a full featured plugin for 3ds MAX (2010 to 2015) and higher that bridges the gap between MAX and After Effects (6.5, 7.0, CS2/3/4/5/6, CC).

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