Learn how to create V-Ray materials in this Cinema 4D

“While the built-in renderers in Cinema 4D may be powerful, V-Ray offers users the ability to render more realistic textures at faster speeds. If you’ve spent time working with the V-Ray renderer in Cinema 4D than you know that there are hundreds of individual controls designed to give you the most customization possible.

All of these controls can be confusing, especially if you are new to the rendering process. Thankfully we’ve found an awesome tutorial covering the basics of creating V-Ray materials in Cinema 4D. In the following video tutorial created by Kamel Khezri he demonstrates advanced features in the V-Ray material editor. The tutorial covers:

  • Creating textures
  • Working with lights
  • Selecting transparency
  • Setting reflection maps

V-Ray is a third party plug-in, but widely considered an industry standard. If you are interested in learning more about V-Ray we recommend checking out the official website.” – Caleb Ward | Premium Beat

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