Human and Character Model Resources, Tutorials, Rigs, Inspiration

ear modeling

We have a huge collection of Human and Character Model links and resources post on this blog , so I thought a Monday mega-post would be fun.  Here is a variety of interesting resources, inspirations, and freebies that may help you out with your next character.

Free 3D Human and Character Models and Character Rigs has several Character / Human 3D Models for you to download, including a cyclops rig, a hyper-realistic old man (rigged), clothing items, body parts, and a casual male in walking poses. They also have some fun low-poly cartoon models.


MakeHuman, pictured above, is the free and open source software to create realistic 3D humans for Illustrations, Animations, Games, and Zbrush/Mudbox sculpting.  The stable release of MakeHuman 1.1.0 is now available for download.

Shiko _Free 3dsMax character Rig

Ahmed Shalaby has made this Autodesk 3ds Max rig available for free! Download it from his website and watch his tutorial. He has lots of other cool stuff on his site too.

Making the Face

Facial Rigging based on FACS (WIP)

This is a little inspiration from SoukiZERO. It’s impressive work!

Facial Rigging based on FACS (WIP) from SoukiZERO on Vimeo.

Blender Cycles Face Test (work in progress)

More inspiration, this time from César Salcedo, who is using Blender.

3D Modeling Head From Reference Maya 2016

Matt Gemino shares a beginner tutorial for Autodesk Maya, explaining very clearly how to make a human head.

Human Head Modeling – Slow Reproduction version

Ear Modeling

This one is especially fun and breaks down the pieces of the ear into 9s and Y’s. You’ll have to watch and that will all make sense!

Creating a 3D face model from just video

John Nack shared Total Moving Face Reconstruction ECCV 2014, where a face is reconstructed from just video clips. See the faces of Prince Charles, George Bush, Tom Hanks, and others generated from a snippet of video. I am sure that this is how they’ll have actors appear in films years after they are dead.


Using Pixologic ZBrush to create your models and characters? This episode of #AskZBrush answers the question, “How do I create mannequins from scratch?”

Reference Video

Anatomy 360 has beautiful reference videos that you can view muscles and movement.