Good Spirit Graphics MochaBlend for C4D

Bridging the gap between 2D & 3D

MochaBlend C4D is the exciting new plug-in for Maxon Cinema 4D that converts mocha’s 2D planar tracking into 3D motion. This new tool delivers innovative new ways for 3D artists to work with tracking & roto data.

Mocha Blend C4D Product Features:

  • Single Plane Solver: Solve camera & objects, perspective tracks & non-perspective tracks.
  • MochaBlend C4D converts roto-splines from mocha into animated geometry, with depth, that can interact with both physics, and simulations inside 3D animation programs.
  • MochaBlend C4D imports mocha’s camera-solve data, more easily, and with more options.
  • AE Exporter: Includes MochaBlend Exporter for Adobe After Effects. Export animated masks from AE to C4D!

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