Freebie: Flood Editor

Parametric solid modeling for 3D printing

Flood beta is a parametric solid modeler in your browser. It provides:

  • An intuitive, familiar modeling process
  • Watertight meshes suitable for 3D printing
  • STL export (accepted by Shapeways)

Further, because Flood is a fully-fledged programming language, you can create your own solid types and combine them however you want.

Visual programming powered by HTML5

Flood is a fully-fledged, open-source visual programming language. It includes:

  • Custom nodes – Create your own nodes for reuse
  • Write JavaScript inline in your nodes
  • Functional programming – Map, filter, reduce

All execution is performed in a background thread in your browser, so Flood is responsive and safe.

No need to save

Like most familiar cloud-based applications, you never have to save in Flood. Your work is automatically synced, and everytime you open the application you come right back to the state you were in before.

  • Continuous autosave
  • Undo-redo
  • Come back to your previous session with zero effort

So feel free to come back to your work wherever and whenever you want!

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