Free Holographic iPad Creator Rig for C4D

“Simon Spencer-Harvey created a really cool rig for creating iPad holograms in C4D. If you just google “ipad hologram pyramid” you will find a TON of information on this product. It’s an iPad attachment that turns your iPad into a projector which casts a hologram. This C4D rig by Simon has 2 components. First is a “Content Creator” rig which sets everything up so you can easily create content for a projector. Second is a virtual rig, which you can use right in C4D to simulate the product and create 3D animations of iPad holograms. It’s pretty sweet, and fun to play with, so watch the tutorial, and dive in. If you make anything with it, please let us know, we would love to see! Enjoy!” – Joren Kandel | The Pixel Lab

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