Curious Animal Fallofftopia for C4D

Fallofftopia is a set of plugins for Cinema 4D that includes Noise Falloff, Boole Falloff, Super Source Falloff, as well as the bonus Reference Falloff to control your Mograph Effectors.


Fallofftopia is a pack including all Curious Animal falloff plugins for Cinema 4D. You can use the falloff plugins in Mograph effectors and deformers to gain more control over how your clones or points are influenced by your effects.

What’s included:

super source falloff boxSuper Source Falloff 
Super power your custom falloff shapes with multi-object falloffs and many supported object types – including X-Particles (v2.5 & 3 supported) and Mograph generators.

boole falloff boxBoole Falloff 
Combine two falloff shapes into one new shape – you can cut falloff shapes from each other, mask them, intersect them or simply add them together.

noise falloff boxNoise Falloff 
Add an element of randomness to any falloff shape, great for making effects that feel more organic.


Reference Falloff 
If you want to reuse the same falloff on multiple Mograph effectors you can use Reference Falloff to maintain a live link instead of copy-pasting settings.

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