Cinema 4D: Letter By Letter Text Animation Tutorial

letter by letter text animation tutorial

Sean Frangella from Motion Tutorials shows you how to create letter-by-letter text animation in C4D using MoGraph, MoText and Effectors.

Cinema 4D: Letter By Letter Text Animation Tutorial

Sean states, “In this 3D Animation tutorial, I go over how to use MoGraph Effectors on MoText objects, in order to create letter-by-letter Text animations. I’ve gotten a couple questions lately on how I put together the intro sequence for my Tutorials, and this tutorial gets into just that!”

“This tutorial covers the process of applying MoGraph Effectors to MoText, as well as setting up the Effector Properties, animating strength, and adjusting and animating the falloff. Digging into the falloff settings for each Effector is really where you can push what you can do with MoGraph Effectors and create modular, re-useable animation systems.”

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