Beta: U-RENDER Beta is Available Now


Be among the first to join the U-RENDER Beta today and get a free license to test U-RENDER for a limited time. U-RENDER offers high-quality real-time rendering for Cinema 4D. 

U-RENDER Beta Key Features

u-render pbrPhysically Based Rendering

U-RENDER uses physically based lights and materials to allow for realistic results in real-time. Use realistic light fall-offs and material properties like specularity and roughness textures to create stunning scenes.


u-render uvsProcedural UVs

Creating texture coordinates for all your assets can be a time-consuming task. U-RENDER supports a large number of procedural UV texture coordinates so that you do not have to create UV-maps.

u-render multi-passMulti-Pass Rendering

Ever wanted to bring your real-time renderings into your favorite compositing software to add some final touches? U-RENDER fully supports multi-pass rendering with custom passes for an object and material IDs and all the usual suspects.

U-RENDER Beta Now Available

Be among the first and start with the U-RENDER Beta today and get a free license to test U-RENDER for a limited time.

How the Beta works

  • Once you signed up for the beta, you will receive an email with details about how to download the beta and its documentation.
  • We will send you an individual 90-day license to unlock the beta and remove the watermark. Please allow a couple of business days for the license to arrive.
  • We encourage you to join our Community Forums for all discussions related to the beta and for support. The forums will be our main focus in supporting the beta.

We are still a small team so please allow us some time to respond. The beta is as much about testing U-RENDER as well as us getting into the groove to provide consistent support. We are just embarking on this journey of high-quality real-time rendering.  U-RENDER is developed with passion at UPPERCUT.

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