Open Beta: Next Limit RealFlow | Maya, Free Download

RealFlow | Maya

Next Limit has an exclusive beta for RealFlow | Maya, which is scheduled to be released around the end of May 2018. Register for the beta today!

RealFlow | Cinema 4D has been very popular with Cinema 4D users, so Next Limit has decided to release RealFlow for other 3D hosts as well. RealFlow | Maya is a fully-integrated plugin and it is coming soon! Download the beta to find out how easy it is to create high-quality, natural-looking liquid simulations directly inside Maya, with no need to import or export. “It is compatible with Maya 2017-2018 and provides integration with native Maya tools such as nParticles and MEL. You can simulate all Dyverso particles and have the majority of RealFlow Daemons available to achieve high-end simulations.” Next Limit will have a complete feature comparison when it’s released.

RealFlow customers can download the beta version through the Next Limit Customer Portal. New users can sign up to get in on the action. Please note that this is a temporary license, only usable until the full version release.  Next Limit would love your feedback for the official release and future updates.

Download the RealFlow | Maya Beta

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