Beta: NVIDIA’s mental ray® for Maya Beta Program


Join the mental ray® for Maya Beta Program through NVIDIA

mental ray® is a powerful renderer used by professionals in the visual effects, animation, film and design industries. The new version, currently in beta, takes advantage of NVIDIA’s new GPU acceleration. “mental ray is interactive within the Maya viewport, giving you final-frame look feedback as you model, animate, and light your shots.”

Register for the beta here

How to get the most out of any beta program

If you’ve never done a beta, I can give you some advice on how to be the most useful.

  1. Use the software! That’s number one. If you sign up and download it but never install and use it, it’s a waste of your time and those who need your testing skills.
  2. Check release notes and check the forums if you find a bug, to find out if the bug is known.
  3. Stay on top of the current beta build. Quite often, a company will release a beta or two per month.
  4. Want free software? Giving feedback can earn you a free version of the official release, so participate! Not only will you help the software company but you’ll likely help yourself! You also have been given the power to help define how a software should be use this power wisely!

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