AutoDesSys form•Z FREE

Yes, the graphic is for form•Z Pro, which came out recently, but there’s also a free version now available, form•Z Free!

Quickly create 3D solid models that can be presented using sun studies, real time rendering effects, sectioning and dimensions. form•Z Free features a subset of the tools found in form•Z Pro and form•Z Jr with the same easy to use dynamic interface. The internal solid modeling reperesentaion maintains an accurate representation of 3D models which is ideal for 3D printing. This version has no restrictions for professional, academic, or home use.

Download the FREE version by clicking Trial Downloads on this page or navigate to our Downloads page (listed under Standalone).

  • Available for OS X 10.7+ and Windows 7/8.
  • Imports SKP, KMZ, DWG, DXF, DAE, OBJ and STL files.
  • Exports STL for 3D printing.
  • Dimension and annoation tools for presenting accurate information about a design.
  • Components make sharing and re-using repetitive elements easy.
  • Models are compatible with form•Z Pro and form•Z Jr for continued development.