6 Tutorials on Modeling and Texturing in MODO

First off, if you don’t have MODO, you can download a free trial of the latest version at Toolfarm (under Standalone). Download it and play along. Okay, to the tutorials!

Texture Offset in MODO 701

9b Studios explains the Texture Offset feature, introduced in MODO 701, which is similar to a 2D displacement of pixels. The Texture Offset is helpful in “breaking most texture layers to a more organic and grungy feel by introducing a 2d offset to the texture based on black and white values”.

Skin Shading in MODO

Jack Busby uses a head scan to explain process of creating and rendering realistic looking Skin. He’s using MODO 601 in this tutorial.

Modeling a Cartoony House

Peter Stammbach explains how to model an adorable little house in modo. He has a TON of modeling tutorials on YouTube. Check out Peter Stammbach’s YouTube Channel.

Modeling and Texturing a Coke Bottle

Another from Peter Stammbach.

Modeling a Diamond

Another from Peter Stammbach. Hey, he’s good!

UV Mapping with Luxology MODO 701

The post is by Juan Jiminez on YouTube is in Spanish but the video tutorial shows the English version of the software and there is no voice over. He models a teapot and uses UV Mapping in the process.

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