Create a Thin Glass Material with Proper Refraction in CINEMA 4D

Cinema 4D Glass Refraction

I worked on a project in Maxon Cinema 4D, before I knew how to use Cinema 4D, creating glass with reflections a while back. I will admit that I had some trouble. Here’s a tutorial to help you out!

If you apply a glass material to an enclosed object, you will see a lot of refraction, making the object look like it’s a solid mass of glass, like a bowling ball or paper weight.  Noah Witchell shows you how to create the look of thin, delicate glass, the type you might see on a light bulb or nice wine glass.

Bonus Tutorials on a Glass Refraction look with Materials in Cinema 4D

Using Transparency and Refraction Channels to Create Glass has a free episode of their Creating Materials in CINEMA 4D course.

Tutorial Model a Glass Pitcher in Cinema 4D

Pete Maric, shows how to model a pitcher with spline and lathe NURBS, editing the points to create the top lip. He uses the Explosion FX deformer to add thickness to the walls of the pitcher then explains how to model the handle of the pitcher using sweep NURBS and  scale curves.

Materials Kit to make Glass

If you are in a jam and don’t have time to make your own glass, check out these materials that you can buy and download.

GSG Texture Kit

Greyscalegorilla Texture Kit for Cinema 4D

Hundreds of custom materials from Cinema 4D artists packed into an easy-to-use library for your projects. Over 140 custom textures including natural textures like brick, wood, glass, and leather. Mograph style textures like Glows, Gloss, Patterns, and soft material. Many Hair and specialty textures are included as well. Extras!?!? Texture Kit also comes with “Texture Maker” which makes making simple textures very quick and easy by using sliders and color pickers instead of the default texture options.


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CINEMA 4D Visualize


The Professional Solution for Architects, Designers & Photographers

Whether you need to visualize a mobile phone, a building, a car or anything else, CINEMA 4D Visualize provides everything you need to produce fantastic images and animations quickly, easily and to any level of realism.

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CINEMA 4D Broadcast


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Cinema 4D Live at SIGGRAPHSIGGRAPH is less than a month away and Maxon will be streaming at from July 26 to 28, 2016. Maxon always has a brilliant lineup of presenters for their C4D Live presentations.

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