Pixologic ZBrush: Shapes 1.1

SHAPES 1.1 – New Features and Improvements

The new version 1.1 of SHAPES comes with a couple of improvements and enhancements, such as:
– Unlinking of channel sliders
– Support for corrective animation
– Easily delete driving nodes or break connections
– Merge multiple shapes
– Swap shapes
– Mirror shapes driven by set driven keys without having the model to be posed
– Enhancements to the weight driver node
– and much more

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SHAPES Brush is plug-in for Maya which brings additional sculpting tools to Maya which have been missing for a long time.

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Corrective Shape Editor for Maya – beta 1.5

The video demonstrates the main feature set of the upcoming corrective shape editor for Maya.

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SHAPES – Blend Shape Editor for Maya – Preview Release 5

This is an overview of the latest improvements and new features. The entire tool has been renamed from Corrective Shape Editor to SHAPES, because it does a lot more than just correctives.

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